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Properly prepared and planned digital marketing is a great recipe for success. However, it involves a lot of effort both when it comes to preparing and analyzing the effects of promoting your brand on the Internet. That is why we have prepared a list of several digital marketing tools that can facilitate your daily work and make it much more effective.

What digital marketing tools are worth introducing to your business?

With the right set of online marketing tools you will improve many areas of your business. You will optimize the website, automate activities, increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and more. To achieve this, start by trying a combination of the above tools, which are the backbone of digital marketing for many companies. In case of unsuccessful solutions, remember that the best method is trial and error. Thanks to this, you will check which solutions are tailored to the budget and needs of your company. Also visit best digital marketing agency offering online marketing services in all over the world.

Once you have completed the stage of assembling the set of ideal tools, you will see that it was worth it. From now on, you will be able to develop your business without fear and easily control your marketing activities, even on a very large scale.

10 Best Digital Marketing Tools:

Tools Features Website
1. Google Analytics detailed analysis of the website and website traffic
2. SEMrush analysis of SEO and SEM campaigns
3. Brand24 data analysis and internet media monitoring
4. Semstorm keyword monitoring and analysis
5. MailChimp newsletter service and e-mail marketing improvement
6. Google Search Console website analysis, performance overview
7. Google Trends getting inspiration and themes
8. Hubspot Marketing comprehensive digital marketing
9. Albacross identification of companies entering the website
10. Page Speed Insights checking the speed of the site, on-page issues

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Feature: Detailed analysis of the website and website traffic

Google Analytics is a free tool that will provide you with a lot of valuable information about who visits your website, how they get there, and what they do on it. In addition, using Google Analytics, you can analyze the conversion on your website, and even better understand your target group, thanks to information about what they are browsing.

In Google Analytics you will find tons of features, organizational functionality, options for creating custom reports, data visualization, and many other amenities. One simple tool will make managing digital marketing much easier.

2. SEMrush

Feature: Analysis of SEO and SEM campaigns

SEMrush is a versatile tool that streamlines the work of positioning the website and finding it in the Google ranking. It is used both in the area of ​​organic search results (SEO) and paid advertising campaigns (PPC, Pay Per Click).

Using SEMrush, you can generate a detailed list of keywords based on the phrase entered previously. Additionally, you will receive data relating to the number of searches for a specific word, and even the degree of its difficulty. Thanks to these functions, the optimization of your website will become much easier – and you will gain the opportunity to compare your website with the competition.

3. Brand24

brand 24 - the backlinkers

Feature: Data analysis and internet media monitoring

Thanks to Brand24, you will start monitoring the Internet media for mentions of your product or service. So you don’t miss any reference – be it on Facebook, forum, posts, website threads, comments, podcasts, Instagram, Twitter and many other websites.

When creating a project in Brand24, all you need to do is define a specific phrase that you want to track. Then the collected data is analyzed – and you will find out in which places your company is mentioned and what sentiment these statements have (negative, positive or neutral). In addition, the tool provides valuable information on engagement rates and the most popular hashtags within the topic related to your phrase.

4. Semstorm

Feature: Keyword monitoring and analysis

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of activities carried out in the area of ​​internet marketing? Then try Semstorm – a tool that will help you monitor the position of selected phrases on a daily basis, analyze keywords in terms of their performance on a daily, weekly or monthly scale, and conduct a detailed comparison with a competitor.

5. MailChimp

mailchimp - the backlinkers

Feature: Newsletter service and e-mail marketing improvement

MailChimp is known primarily as a newsletter tool. However, that’s not all it can do for you! Thanks to it, managing the list of recipients will become much easier – thanks to the option of segmenting, tagging, as well as analyzing subscriber activity. In addition, through MailChimp you can manage the entire email marketing process – and even the creation of engaging landing pages. This is still not all! Convenient e-mail creator, the option of creating a sequence of messages, automatic sending – all this to make the newsletter service something simple and useful.

6. Google Search Console

search console - The backlinkers

Feature: Website Analysis

As part of Google Search Console, you can analyze your website thoroughly – completely free of charge. Thanks to this, you will find out what the traffic is on the website, who visits it, what the effectiveness of your keywords looks like, and you will be able to constantly monitor its status.

7. Google Trends

Feature: Getting inspiration and themes

Google Trends is another free tool that is great for content marketing professionals. By using it, you can check what Internet users are looking for in a few simple steps and then use it in your content. There you will find tons of inspiration, themes and potential phrases to catch your readers.

8. Hubspot Marketing

Feature: Comprehensive digital marketing

Hubspot is a mine of many interesting functions and tools that are implemented inside one system. With its help, you can configure web forms, pop-up windows, create e-mail campaigns, and analyze the behavior of people on the site. In addition, Hubspot gives you the option to set up your own chat on the website to get in touch with your website visitors.

9. Albacross

Feature: Identification of companies entering the website

Have you ever wondered what companies visit your website? It’s possible with a tool like Albacross. All you need to do is install a special tracking code on your website for the system to start creating a list of companies. After some time, when you collect a specific database, you can start analyzing it in terms of traffic, target group matching, company size, and even the industry they come from. Remember, however, that you can only use the list of companies for analysis purposes, and not for making contact for marketing purposes. Such a situation would be inconsistent with the principles of the GDPR.

10. Page Speed ​​Insights

page speed insight - the backlinkers

Feature: Checking the speed of the site

With Page Speed ​​Insights, you can see how fast your website is performing. Are you wondering why it is so important? Because Google takes into account the speed of action when ranking websites, which translates into their visibility and positioning. In addition to the score itself in Page Speed ​​Insights, you’ll also get some extra tips on how to optimize and speed up your site.

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